Sunday, April 1, 2012

BOOKS and things, mostly for sketches

The number of sketchbooks I've been using has multiplied to kind of a crazy amount recently
these are the ones I've been using on and off for the last few months:

this is actually a 365 project, I'd post some things from it but its a collaborative project with Winslow ( so its a secret until we're both finished in about 273 days.
she hand-bound it just for meeeeee

PORSCHE anthology: the main sketchbook I use right now. I picked it up (and the one below) at a library book sale for 15 cents. Gutted and re-bound with drawing paper.

AUTOMOBILES QUARTERLY: volume 36, from the 1980's I think? I ripped out all the pages so I'm not sure. This one doesn't actually have any drawings yet but I'm taking advantage of the free nice drawing paper from my high school art class to make these while I can. They'll be used eventually for sure though.

THE MOST COMFORTABLE SKETCHBOOK: the reason I went on a "book binding" rampage in the first place; I thought it was lost but it turned up weeks later in my basement where my dad keeps the power tools. It smells like sawdust and mildew now. 

hand sewn canvas and stuffed with poly-fil, useful for boring classes with uncomfortable desks.
I'm not using it so much anymore since I lost it and switched over to the red one, but I might get back to it eventually.

original shramps in love

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